Today is election day within the city limits of Ocala! Do your duty as a good citizen of Ocala and VOTE for your favorite Mayor!

Our suggestion today is : KENT GUINN

Mayor Ocala FL Candidate

Kent Guinn Mayor Candidate

Currently Running For
Office: Mayor of Ocala
State: FL
Party: Non-Partisan
Current Office
Office: Ocala City Councilman
State: FL

I am a fifth generation resident of Ocala. I have lived in Ocala for 56 years. I have a great wealth of experience, including 29 years in the Financial Services Business.

I currently represent Ocala’s District 4, which is located in the central eastern section of the city. I began serving in this role in December 1999.

In addition to serving on the city council, I am a partner in the insurance …firm Guinn Shields & Co.

I have also dedicated myself to improving the condition of children across Florida through serving on the State Board of Directors of the Children’s Home Society of Florida. I am a past chairman and current board member of the Mid-Florida Division of the Children’s Home Society, which covers 15 counties across the state.

I am a former president of the Ocala Exchange Club and a member of the Success by Six Leadership Committee. Today, I serve as the City Council liaison to the Ocala-Marion County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Economic Development Board of Directors. I also am the chair of the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board and vice-chair of the Ocala-Marion Metropolitan Planning Organization. This experience in reaching out to the business community over the years has taught me how we can improve our economy and bring jobs and keep them in Ocala. It will drive my commitment to bring good paying jobs and improved quality of life for all citizens of Ocala.

Political Views
Relationship Status
Married to
31 years
Religious Views
Christian- Southern Baptist
I like to golf and hunt.
Education Info


(352) 572-0312

GOOD LUCK to all running!
Now, get out there and VOTE!!!

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