Do you know where to take empty foam egg cartons to be recycled?

I didn’t. I don’t know how many of you out there who do, but for years I said that it was a shame that they don’t have a recycle bin for them because there was nothing wrong with them and it could save money! Well ladies and gentlemen, hang on to your hats!! I found a bin at the Publix store on Northeast 35th street! I don’t know if all their stores have one, but they do. It sits in the front between the doors beside the container for plastic bags. I use to save them for a couple of teachers to use in the class room, but then they didn’t want them anymore. I just kept stacking them inside of each other instead of throwing them out or using them for packing, and when I found the recycle bin I had a stack of about 20 inches tall!! I put them into the car to drop off the next time I was up there.

So,…..Please don’t throw your foam egg cartons out! RECYCLE them!!

Thanks for reading! Till next time, HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!

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