What do Doctors, Werewolves, and Voodoo all have common?  The curse. Deepak Chopra tells the story of when he was an intern, one of his primary functions was to tell women they had breast cancer. In many of his works he has told the tale of watching women age before his very eyes as he told them of their condition. It was a primary driving force that pushed him toward alternatives.

In the field of hypnosis we understand sub conscious communication, which is our bread and butter. The subconscious has walls, to keep out junk. Why does it need these walls? Because the subconscious doesn’t differentiate between imagination and reality, so it needs to keep out stuff that people say which simply isn’t true. We have titled this filtering system the “critical factor” and much of it is housed in the reticular formation, hippocampus and medulla areas. How does information get past these barriers? In one of four ways;

1) Repetition, if you hear it enough, it will stick.

2) Altered states (hypnosis, meditation, ritualistic trance, etc.), those times when your mind is focused in special ways, letting in information intentionally (ritual) or as an aftereffect.

3) Crisis, (heightened emotional states, or group response), when you or your entire tribe are running for your life, all information is taken in to better prepare you for the next crisis that is relative to the present crisis (this is the most significant modality for this article), and

4) Tribal leadership, experts, leaders whom we trust and those we accept as skilled, expert or generally in charge.

As proof of our ability to accept outside influences or curses into our life, a recent study (PMID: 18155338) found that

“Interestingly, simply suggesting that pain would lower did decrease both the pain and MRI changes. This suggests that the suggestions your physician gives you (e.g., there is hope vs. “no one can get you well”) become self fulfilling prophecies. If fact, statements like “no one can get you well” used to be called putting a “curse” on someone. Yet this is what physicians often do—ignoring how their words have the power to harm as well as heal.”

So, when your doctor tells you, “this is a significant injury” or “you will be suffering from this for the rest of your life”, the doctor has in fact cursed you. If you are privileged enough to realize that he is only a man (or women) and his input, while interesting, is not “the truth” you can avert the curse, however, if you were raised to believe that doctors are “experts” and you should follow their advice without question, you are now cursed.

In my personal experience with fibromyalgia clients, using hypnosis, I have found that the cumulative effect of a coven of doctors, telling the patient a variety of negative things has made the disease significantly worse. Things like “you just have to learn to live with it” and “these conditions tend to worsen over time” are gospel to a person who

1)     Believes these people are experts and

2)     Is in a heightened emotional state due to the pain and emotional distress.

These and a myriad of other comparable statements tend to lead to an unrelenting set of automatic thoughts, focusing the patient on their level of pain, rather then empowering them with the ability to heal.

So, what do you do? You can visit us of course http://www.evermorebliss.com or you can choose to do some research and find people who are experts on recovery, or you can simply begin to accept the fact that doctors are human and subject to the same frailties as us all, find a doctor with a positive outlook and listen only to the positive things they say.

This is my pet research project and I will be writing more on this subject, it is close to my heart, so check back often on our blog http://www.evermorebliss.com/hypnoblog/ .

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